Beard Care for Black Men

Beard Care for Black MenDue to the nature of the incredibly coiled strands of hair on black people of color, shaving for black men often results in painful ingrown hairs that are a literal pain to deal with. There is one life hack that many black men have begun implementing to prevent the risk of having ingrown hair on their face. It’s called not shaving and growing a beard.

Even if not for the lack of ingrown hair, there are genuine reasons to grow a beard. While women get a whole lot of different and elaborate dresses and accessories, men have a beard which they can style and grow out in a way that is very similar to outfitting for women. But unlike a lovely dress with matching accessories, beards require a lot more care to keep and maintain. That is probably why you are here right now.

While there are many articles and products out there for beard maintenance, they are not often nuanced enough to understand and solved the problems that come with the care that comes with the maintenance and grooming of a black man’s facial hair. A lot is separating the qualities of the crinkly hair of black men and the straight hair of white men. So this guide explains what should be done differently for black men’s beards that is often not noticed by beard aficionados.

First of all, be careful with what hair products you use. Most soaps and shampoos you use are designed to dry out your hair. Dry hair is naturally a no-no for black men’s beards, so make sure the products you use are not as drying and damaging as most other products on the market are.

When it comes to moisturizing your beard, there are fundamental things to consider to make sure you maximize the benefits to your beard hair. Firstly, be sure the moisturizing oil you use for your facial hair is made from jojoba oil or pure argan oil, as they pack the nutrients needed to keep your strands of hair healthy. Secondly, make sure your beard is scented with essential oils, as opposed to fragrance oils. Fragrance oils often irritate the skin and may even be damaging. Essential oils are all natural and very nourishing and good for the skin and hair. And be sure to use boar bristle brushes, as they are designed to spread the oil along with your hair evenly.