Beard Grooming Styles

Beard Grooming StylesGrowing a beard is tough work, depending on the length you want to build it to. A proper healthy beard requires constant maintenance with combing, oiling, and trimming to make sure it looks good. Once you get your beard to the length you want it to be, though, that luscious mane can do marvelous, splendid things. Beards are very much the equivalent of fancy clothing and accessories that women can avail, but for men. Perhaps a weird analogy, but like dresses, beards can be designed and morphed into elegant shapes with gels, oil, wax, and other grooming tools. Men don’t get a lot of variety when it comes to clothing and accessorizing options, but when it comes to beards, those who can grow facial hair make sure to go all out.

Beards come in all shapes, thicknesses, volumes, and size. Despite the length of your beard, you can still manage to style your beard in multiple ways as long as you’re not cleanly shaven. Obviously, styles are limited if there is a lack of even hair distribution on your face, but also those who cannot grow a full face of beard have a fair share of styles they can adopt for their facial hair.

The classic and most timeless way to style your beard is to have the 5 o’ clock shadow going. The good thing about the 5 o’ clock shadow is that it requires a day to a week to reach the beard length needed for this look. And for many, the unkempt look of the shadow is more than enough for them, but some may go further and maintain it with regular cleanups around the edge to make it clearly and smoothly defined.

Once you get to longer lengths though, your aptitude and creativity is your hindrance in what you can achieve with your long, luscious, lion’s mane. There are a lot of styles that are readily available online for you too either adapt yourself or pull ideas from.

To develop a proper style for your beard, it is essential to know all the aspects of a beard that can be tampered with and how it can be shaped up. And use a product like Beard Czar to help. More specifically, do not forget to consider the mustache when thinking up your style, as it is somewhat of an entity of its own and can add real depth and layer to your beard.