Can You Use Rogaine for Facial Hair?

rogaineGrowing facial hair that is both thick and elaborate is the fashion trend nowadays, and this trend has been one for a few years now with a slim chance of declining anytime soon. Men go to incredibly far lengths to maintain and groom their beards to make sure they are rocking the perfect facial hair style. But to be able to do that, first, you need to be able to grow a full case of hair.

The chances are that if you’re reading this article, you may be facial-hair handicapped, or worried that you might be. If you are still in your teens, then fret not. You still have a lot of years left until the gap of your ability to grow a beard closes. It is best just to wait, use oils and massaging techniques until you eventually see some success. But if you are well into your 20s and still find a lack of facial hair, despite using the commonly touted methods, then your genetics and testosterone levels may just be working against your ability to grow a beard.

But worry not there is something that can be done about your ‘beardy problem.’

Rogaine is a commonly used over-the-counter drug that is frequently used to prevent, and sometimes promote, hair loss. It goes by many brand names, but it is a relatively safe drug that comes cheap and easily from any local pharmacy. Though Rogaine is mostly used to target the scalp and the hair in that region, many people use it for their facial hair regions, as it comes as an applicable paint that can be applied, in theory, anywhere.

The active ingredient that does most of the work in Rogaine is minoxidil. While the mechanism that helps the hair growth in people is not understood, we know that minoxidil opens up all the arteries where it is applied, which allows blood flow to the region and promotes hair growth. It has to be used for hours on end though, and Rogaine may take time to show actual progress. Rogaine can also cause extreme dryness where applied, so it is suggested to use moisturizer to prevent damage that way.

However, as a drug, Rogaine has shown favorable results.