Does Biotin Help For Growing Your Beard?

What is Biotin?

Biotin is an important vitamin from the water-soluble vitamin-B complex, technically referred to as vitamin B7 and regularly called as vitamin H or coenzyme R.

It is crucial for human survival and needed for the care of fatty acid production, carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, hair, skin, and nail health.

Our bodies generate sufficient amounts of biotin naturally, but there is some evidence that higher dosages of biotin from auxiliary forms may help us, and this is also why you can discover many hair and nail nutritional supplements and of course those beard pills containing some biotin.

Foods naturally full of biotin (vitamin B7) comprise:

  • Whole grains
  • Milk products
  • Meat & poultry

Biotin and Facial Hair Growth

One of the main advantages of biotin nutritional supplement for men is that thickness and beard development may raise with time.

It’s not going to turn you into a lumberjack magically. I can’t guarantee you that. But it can help your body in creating stronger and healthier hair all around the body, and this contains body hair, mustache, and the beard.

Studies conducted in the area have demonstrated on your beard or that when there is a biotin deficiency, the body has unbelievably challenging time at growing hair, be it on top of the scalp. These effects are demonstrated in both animals and people, and the use of biotin supplements has been shown to normalize the growth of hair.

How Much Is Needed to Help Beard Development?

In the study where more vellus hair grew, the biotin dosage was not that big, just 120mcg (40% RDA).

On various newsgroups, I have seen guys using much higher dosages and reporting minor progress in their beard growth speed and density after using biotin. These dosages often range from 500 to 5000mcg.

My recommendation is not to waste your cash on biotin supplements that are isolated when you can locate a high-quality multivitamin supplement with high amounts of other valuable beard and biotin growth provoking vitamins and compounds for nearly the same cost.

This brand, for example, comprises all the B-vitamins (and a high 5000mcg dose of biotin) along with other facial hair nourishing compounds including; collagen hydrolysate, MSM, and keratin.

Indeed it may be sold mainly to women seeking scalp hair that was better, but the ingredients should work as well for guys who use it for their beards.

In Closing

Will biotin assist you to grow thicker mustache and beard? Yes, in a way, as it assists your body to produce thicker healthier hair all around the body, for instance, facial hair.

Is biotin a good beard supplement? Because it is merely one of the many vitamins required for facial hair development. A much better choice is to buy something that’s high-dose of biotin with other vitamins and minerals and beard development boosting phytonutrients.

So bottom line is that biotin can stimulate facial hair to grow naturally. But you shouldn’t go on and purchase just single biotin supplements as this would be a waste, better would be to get it from diet and use the nutritional supplement money for something that joins biotin with other beard growing goodies. Something like Beard Czar supplements