How to Grow a Full Face Beard

full faced beardFashion evolves throughout the years and takes many forms. What was hip in the 90s is not hip today. But what is hip today? Beards. Beards on men have risen and grabbed hold of the norm of what a man should look like. There are different kinds of beards, and different lengths, thickness, styles, etc. But the point is that in this day and age, in this decade, it is much rarer to find a man with a clean-shaven man.

But that begs the question of how to grow a beard. How do you grow a beard? If you are here, you are probably someone who has found difficulty in acquiring a full beard. Is it difficult to even grow a shadow of a beard on your face? Does a shave hold longer with you than with your friends?

Depending on your age, there may still be a process of growing up before your body can conjure up a full face mane. But if you’re well into your 20s and still finding it difficult to grow a full beard on your face, then I’ve got some bad news.

If you’re a young adult and not able to grow a beard, then nature has ‘desired you differently.’ Your ability to build a beard is mostly chocked up to your genetics and testosterone. If your father didn’t have a beard while you were growing up, chances are that you won’t be able to have one either. That doesn’t mean you necessarily can’t, though.

You can try incorporating the use of oils in your grooming routine. Use castor oil, almond oil, and coconut oil, as they are scientifically proven to be the best option for hair growth. Biotin pills are also an excellent alternative, as it promotes healthy hair growth, skin, and nails. But applying the oil is essential, as many of the commercialized, branded hair oils that get marketed for ridiculous prices include a miniscule amount of these oils, and are some of the only components of the hair supplements that have been proven to do any work. It is much cheaper to buy individual bottles of these oils, and it will go a much longer way of promoting your beard growth as well. At least once a day, you should take the oil and rub it along the lower half of your face, rubbing it like you would if you were to be given a massage. This promotes blood flow to your pores and follicles, encouraging stimulating the hair growth further. And with this advice, you should get a full face beard in no time.