How to Maintain a Beard

beard combSo you’ve grown a beard, eh? Probably got it to a good length as well.  Perhaps you are proud of having completed the first and most straightforward task of having a beard. Maybe you want to keep it at this length, or perhaps you are considering keeping it growing. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re realizing that keeping a beard is a lot more work than you thought it would be, and what started with the ease of not having to shave anymore has turned into a task that is much more difficult than any shaving session you have ever done.

Not to mention that managing a beard has to be done almost daily, if not every single day. Maybe someone warned you, and you saw it coming, but keeping a beard is not as easy as most people believe it to be. At least, not if you want to have a beard and not look like a bum who is asking for change on the streets as a side-job.

So now you’re here, and stuck, asking, “How do I properly maintain my beard?” Well, there is a lot that goes into the upkeep of facial beard if the goal is for a luscious mane that signifies your place as a matured aficionado of the masculine.

First of all, make sure you comb your beard regularly. Sometimes, that means dozens of times a day. Make sure you start from the tips and grasp from the closer to the roots to break through the knots, and slowly work up closer and closer to the root. Not only will this prevent your beard from becoming a coiled mess that is as unappealing as tangled earphones, but combing your hair will promote blood flow to the region and will keep your strands silky from the natural oils.

It is also important to oil your beard with many oils meant for nourishing hair. There are a lot of options in branded beard oils to choose from, all ranging from cheap to ridiculously overpriced, but you’re better off just buying castor or almond oil. Apply it thoroughly across your beard with both your hands and fingers or with a comb. Either or is sufficient. Afterwards, wait an hour or 2 and wash it off, best with a shower. This is how you nourish your beard directly.

Every few months, take time to trim your beard to get rid of the split ends, and don’t forget to shampoo and you have done the bare minimum required to maintain a beard. Congratulations!