Mustache Growing Creams

Mustache Growing CreamsYou can never go wrong with a mustache. Actually… okay, you can go wrong with a mustache. If you are sporting a Charlie Chaplin mustache, you might want to consider your choice.

But a well groomed, maintained, and styled mustache goes a long way on a man. A mustache is far more unique than the trendy, already-done-by-a-million-other-guys, beards. Not to mention the incredible uniqueness of mustaches, which have hundreds of different ways to style it. Mustaches are certainly much more of a statement piece in this decade of fashion trends than a beard, and truly reflects much more about you personality and charm.

Sometimes growing a mustache can be pesky work though. Whether it is your teenage boy peach fuzz, or you’re slowly approaching your quarterly crisis and still have a teenage boy peach fuzz, there is a lot of work that can be done, aside from the castor oil routine. Despite mustaches being a different entity than a beard, the method of growing both of them is pretty much similar though. And most beard growing creams work just as well on the upper lip section of your face than on any other part that would be considered to be beard territory.

But then that begs the question. What is the right mustache cream for me? There are a lot of products out there, and many of them are simply just good marketing techniques with little to no results. How do you filter the bad mustache growing creams from the good ones though?

First of all, it is best to look at the reviews. More reviews are better than less, and better reviews are better than worse. Also, watch out for fake reviews typed by someone who is paid to regurgitate information for you. Here is the cream that is known to work most effectively on mustaches, from our experience.

Rogaine is a well known pharmaceutical that you can get over the counter from any pharmacy or drug store. It works by opening up blood vessels that promote increased flow of blood and the oxygen and nutrients it carries to the area where it is applied, which in this case would be the upper lip region. The trick is to apply it daily and for 4 hours at a time. This gives the cream time to really get deep into the skin and work its magic with its active ingredient, minoxidil. Beware of the dry skin it leaves though, and moisturize it regularly to prevent it.