Taking Supplements To Grow Your Beard

Men have been trying a couple of different approaches, to try and growth that thick furry beard. From minoxidil (or Rogaine) to filling up your diet with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

I am not going to give just my outlook on this. I will also give what other have said.

I did a little bit of digging around the net for you and found some guys who use a beard supplement like Beard Czar and captured what they had to say. The hope is to see if it does work to thicken up and grow your beard quicker and to give you the reader a holistic view of beard nutritional supplements.

What Are Beard Supplements Made Of?

It’s a tremendous mix of several vitamins that are different. Many multivitamins contain many of the key minerals required for beard growth. Hence much of what you see on the both of the labels is being covered if you take a multivitamin.

Secondly and more significantly, the % that you see on the vitamins can be misleading. You see Vitamin C and Vitamin B are water soluble vitamins. Hence whenever these are consumed by you, if your body only needs a small part of what is in the capsule, it is going to excrete the remainder of it in your pee.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin in regards to Vitamin B7. This is vitamin is scientifically known help spur nail and hair growth.

My Thoughts On Beard Supplements In General

As you saw previously, it’s a rather mixed bag when it comes to taking supplements to grow a beard.

Every person’s body is different and of course, results may vary as you can see from above.

For some guys, it worked really great – which is amazing!

When taking beard growth supplements, their goal would be to supplement your body with the nutrients it’s not presently getting throughout the day.

In case you are getting enough vitamins throughout the day, then the water-soluble vitamins leave your body (in form of urine) as we covered previously.

When you take this into consideration with what your current diet and lifestyle are – it’s no wonder why beard nutritional supplements are hit and miss.

In case you are living a healthy lifestyle (ample sleep, exercise, and balanced diet), then are probably already taking multivitamins rich in biotin (like any beard growing supplement). So taking them will likely not make an immense impact.

Contrary to that, if you simply find yourself up innumerable nights or don’t have the absolute best diet, then a nutritional supplement that is beard might very well work out for you as well!

With that, your likely considerably better off going with a multivitamin or a Beard Czar product as it is going to be more affordable than buying the marked up nutritional supplements.