The Stages of Growing a Beard

The Stages of Growing a BeardIf you are thinking of growing a beard, there are a few things you need to know. You may think it is easy to grow one. Yes, it is true that in the early phase of growing a beard it will be smooth sailing due to the fact that you don’t need to shave until the thickness of the beard starts coming in, but that can last anywhere from a week to a few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

After that, it becomes complicated. Including that initial stage, there are several other stages your beard will go through until you finally secure you goal of achieving the kind and length of beard you are ultimately trying to work towards.

So what are the stages of beard growth after you have chosen to leave the clean shaven life?

Stage 1: The Stubble and Shadow

When you initially stop shaving will be the easiest part of growing the beard. Obviously, until there is something to shave, there is no need to take a blade, pair of scissors, or a trimmer to the phase. That is what the stubble is. Just a few centimeters of hair on your face looking towards something far grander, but many people opt to stay at this stage, as it is easy to maintain, and has its own valid look.

Stage 2: Alright, Now You Should Perhaps Clean Up a Bit

Alright, so you’ve enjoyed your week or so of solace and letting your facial hair come in. Now it is time for some work. You may have noticed that your facial hair is starting to become a neckbeard. And if you’re a very hairy fellow, you may start worrying about the line between a beard hair and chest hair being blurred. Well, now it is time to take the razor. You have to start defining and committing to borders and lining up your beard every week or so. And perhaps take some snippers to make sure your beard is well uniformed as well.

Stage3:  Here Comes the Awkward Stage

Perhaps this is an extension of the last stage, but this is where you start using beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, and start treating your beard like the hair on your head… Or rather how the females in your life treat their head of hair. During this stage, your hair will just look off. You have a goal in mind, but you haven’t quite reached it. But don’t worry, because after this phase you will reach your goal.

Stage 4: Congratulations!!

You’ve finally reached your goal. Now you can shape your beard however you want, but the task isn’t finished. You need to keep cleaning your edges and taking care of your hair like before. Here you can let it grow further, or continuously trim it with clippers and keep it at that length. Point is, you’ve achieved the beard and gone through all the stages to get it!